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Our Manufacturer’s guarantee

What’s covered:

All Picquic handles and shanks are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship from the day they were bought and for as long as you own them. In the event of failure—caused by a manufacturing defect—your Picquic will be repaired or replaced free of charge, subject to our guidelines.

Our products do not have a replacement guarantee in the event of abuse, misuse or neglect, and will only be covered under our manufacturer’s guarantee if they fail under normal conditions and when used for the purposes intended. Although our screwdrivers are durable, they are not to be used as hammers, crow-bars or chisels and such uses will void the guarantee.

What’s not covered:

Picquic bits are not included in our warranty as they can be used in power-driven applications, which can cause the bits to wear over time. In rare cases, a bit can be improperly machined and in this circumstance a bit will be covered under our manufacturer’s warranty.

Rusted bits are also not included in our warranty. Our bits are made from high-grade tool steel. Steel is susceptible to rust in damp conditions. We recommend keeping your Picquic inside a toolbox in a dry area. If rust does occur, we suggest removing the rust with steel wool then applying a thin layer of oil to each bit.

How to submit a claim:

Have a warranty question or need to submit a claim? Please email our support team with a brief description and photographs of the fault or damage.

Once contacted, our support team will decide if your product meets our warranty requirements. As it can sometimes be difficult to assess damages with only a photograph as reference we may require the product to be sent to us for closer inspection.