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Look to the seven power bits to suit practically every need, as well as the solid handle design for maximum comfort and torque. The alloy hex bolster adapts to a 7/16” wrench to increase torque for stubborn screws. The standard 3” long power bits are precision-machined and hardened to stand up to years of use.

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  • Comes standard with seven 3” long hex power bits

  • 1/4” hex power bits ideal for use in drills and impact drivers

  • Bits are precision-machined for reliable bit-to-screw fit

  • Removable and reversible stainless-steel nut driver (1/4” and 5/16”)

  • Aircraft alloy shank with hex bolster receives a 7/16” wrench to increase torque

  • Rare earth magnet firmly holds working bit in shank

  • Manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee

  • Available in four different bit loads, including HVAC with the Schrader bit

  • The removable and reversible stainless-steel nut driver shank works for 1/4”and 5/16” hex fasteners—perfect for hose clamps and as a power nut-driver in a drill.

PRODUCT DETAILS The SUPER 8 Plus is available with four different bit assortments:

Schrader valves are used on many refrigeration and air conditioning systems and by plumbers for pressure testing. The Schrader valve is also used as a bleeding and test port on the fuel rail of some fuel injected engines as well as on automotive, motorcycle and bicycle tires and air shock absorbers.


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