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Picquic Combination Packs

Product Details

More Picquic variety, less overall cost, one simple package. Our combination packs include many of our best-sellers. Developed to suit a variety of your screw-driving needs, each combo packs a little bit of a different Picquic punch. Use the Teeny Turner and Multique combo for finer work, crafting, or on electronics. Use the Family Pack for any task around the home or workplace. The Dynamic Duo pack, which includes our SIXPAC Plus and STUBBY allows access into deep recesses and supports close-quarters work.


  • Each driver uses the unique Picquic system that allows bit selection and storage to occur simultaneously
  • Precision-machined power or insert bits for reliable bit-to-screw fit
  • Rare earth magnet firmly holds working bit in shank in all models
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee