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A few words from our friends

“I have operated an appliance repair business in rural Manitoba for 25 years and have been through many tools. I have yet to find a multi-screwdriver as well made as yours.”

Norm Neufeld, Manitoba

“I just wanted to say that I love my new SIXPAC Plus. Thank you for still manufacturing this product in Canada. I know maintaining this isn’t easy these days, and wanted to let you know that it’s an appreciated, meaningful and key feature I love about the product. Fantastic quality, good value, home-made.”

Lorraine Young, Hamilton, ON

“Been using Picquics for the past several years and been adding to my collection since the beginning. I own about a dozen of these screwdrivers in differing sizes and configurations. Just to make a long story short, this is one of the very few tools I absolutely cannot find the first fault with! It is the dang near perfect screwdriver! It lacks nothing!”

Charles Lamb, Walnut Cove, NC

“You only need this screwdriver. The Picquic SIXPAC Plus has all the sizes you need for common jobs. I have had mine for years and I have only one problem with it—my husband takes it.”

Gloria, Spruce Grove, AB

“I just wanted to fire off a quick email and let you know how much I love your screwdrivers. The hand feel of this screwdriver is amazing. I have quite a tool collection including snap-on screwdrivers that are 10-15 times the price of Picquics and 99 per cent of the time when I grab for a screwdriver Picquic is the first one in my hand. Keep up the good work.”

David Cleary, Stellarton, NS

“We all know those screwdrivers, with the bits inside the handle, that made a sound like a baby rattle, and are about as effective.  The kind of screwdriver that if you handed it to your dad when half his body was inside the furnace he would yell at you, ‘where did you find that thing.  I said get me a #2 Philips god damn it.  Throw that thing away!’ Well, not your screwdrivers. Keep on rockin’ guys.”

Patrick N.

“We work in the HVAC field and Electrical, your DASH 7 is great for us in tight areas, and great when going on a service call on a rooftop when you don’t feel like lugging a tool pouch, I have 12  service techs, and this year while shopping for Christmas, I purchased 20 Canada 150 edition, all my techs have one, and we have a few at the shop, keep up the great work, great products, and know that you have us for life as customers, please let your employees know, we all love it…all the best from your friends in the Maritimes.”

Kevin Cleveland , NB

“An excellent design. Sturdy, easy to use and you should never lose a bit!”

Gerrit S., Vanvoorhees, Rochmond, VA

“I just purchased one of your SIXPAC Plus screwdrivers and wanted to sincerely thank you for your commitment to Canadian manufacturing, it’s very much appreciated.”

Andrew Bromfield, Toronto, ON

“Thanks for your design and production, and making a very durable tool. They have been so well used. They usually accompany my cordless drill as they are the best way to keep track of the bits needed in typical Canadian homes.”

Murphy, Kyuquot, BC

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Cam Sauve, Eganville, ON

“Not only does this screwdriver have an easy and efficient bit holding system integrated in the handle, but the actual screwdriver bits are of incredibly high quality — after years of use, no damage to any of the bits and no plating or filings coming off! It also comes with a comfortable durable handle and the most popular bit sizes, even square bits.”

Jay, Montreal, QC