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About Us


Our mission is to provide tools that save time, save money and
are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

We make the original multi-bit screwdriver. They’re affordable. They’re manufactured in Canada. We don’t sacrifice quality, we prioritize it. If you buy a Picquic screwdriver, you’ll have it for life.


The original Picquic screwdriver design made it to Archibald McKenzie’s drawing board in 1984. But the idea was hatched years earlier, in thin air, at around 30,000 feet.

“When I flew aeroplanes in those days, I was either scared stiff or bored to tears, so I had a lot of time to think,” said McKenzie, affectionately called Mac by his friends, a career pilot and self-taught aircraft engineer.

Mac had little patience for things that would break. After all, his life depended on the equipment he flew. So when his old-fashioned, hollow-handled, multi-tip screwdriver broke—the kind with the screw-cap that gets lost or broken, causing the bits to suffer the same fate—he decided to fix the problem once and for all.

Patent and prototype in hand, Mac made his best effort to license his invention to an established Canadian multi-bit screwdriver company, but the royalty offered to him wasn’t to his liking. He decided to license the invention to his son, Paul instead and Picquic Tool Company was born.

In August 1988, the first SIXPAC came out of the mould. Sure enough it didn’t break or lose its bits. The design was an instant hit and the SIXPACA soon became the dominant Canadian multi-bit screwdriver on the market, and was recognized by The Canadian Hardware and Housewares Manufacturer’s Association and Popular Mechanics.

Today, with millions of the original SIXPAC sold and many different models made, Picquic truly has become the one-stop-shop multi-bit screwdriver company.


At Picquic Tool Company our goal is to provide a product that’s better than high-quality single blade screwdrivers, while combining the convenience of multiple bits in one handle. We want to put the right bits in the right handle, and never burden the customer with bits that aren’t needed. Our screwdrivers are made with the highest-grade materials to ensure they last a lifetime—and even come with a lifetime guarantee. We use modern manufacturing processes to keep our products affordable for everyone who appreciates honest quality and functionality.

When you buy a Picquic screwdriver you are endorsing a product that will last.

Building longevity into our products is the least we can do to respect the planet and our customers. At Picquic Tool Company, we’re not in the business of making stuff. We’re in the business of manufacturing well-made screwdrivers that will be at home in your tool kit for a long time. With so many other tool companies manufacturing outside of Canada, we’ve proved for more than 25 years that we really can do it, right, here in Canada.


Picquic screwdrivers have always been built in Canada by smart people. We work an honest day and are paid an honest buck.