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I just wanted to say that I love my new SIXPAC Plus. Thank you for still manufacturing this product in Canada. I know maintaining this isn’t easy these days, and wanted to let you know that it’s an appreciated, meaningful and key feature I love about the product. Fantastic quality, good value, home-made.

Lorraine Young, Hamilton, ON, Canada

“I have several—five in total—Picquic screwdrivers and love them all. From the SIXPAC Plus all the way down to the Teeny Turner, I have uses for all of them. I have also recommended them to countless people as the last screwdriver they will ever buy.”

Mike M., Steeves Mountain, NB, Canada

“I just wanted to fire off a quick email and let you know how much I love your screwdrivers. The hand feel of this screwdriver is amazing. I have quite a tool collection including snap-on screwdrivers that are 10-15 times the price of Picquics and 99 per cent of the time when I grab for a screwdriver, Picquic is the first one in my hand. Keep up the good work.”

David Cleary, Stellarton, NS, Canada

“Thought I’d let you know we just bought our 15th Picquic screwdriver. The rest live in various toolboxes, vehicles and toolbelts. Wouldn’t use anything else. Thanks for the great products.”

John M., Vernon, BC, Canada

“We all know those screwdrivers, with the bits inside the handle, that made a sound like a baby rattle, and are about as effective. The kind of screwdriver that if you handed it to your dad when half his body was inside the furnace he would yell at you, “where did you find that thing? I said get me a #2 Philips god damn it. Throw that thing away!” Well, not your screwdrivers. Keep on rockin’ guys.”

Patrick N.

“If Chuck Norris was a screwdriver he would be a Picquic SIXPAC. ”

Mark Schmit, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

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The Original Instant Multi. Is it the best?
You decide.

Dash7 Picquic Screwdriver

The original Picquic

Professional or at-home use, the bit assortment you need most.

Dash7 Picquic Screwdriver

Picquic, on a budget [product info]

Shorter handle, shorter bits, nothing short of a good deal.

Turns teeny screws

Best for tech, gadgets and glasses.

The slimmest Picquic

For access into deep recesses, precision work, and smaller hands.

The close quarters Picquic

For tight spots, glove boxes, purse or pocket.

The all-Torx Picquic

Genuine Torx for automotive, consumer goods and tech gear.

The hex-key Picquic

For machinists, mechanics and more.

The hex-key Picquic

For cyclists, motorcyclists, mechanics and more.

The weather-proof Picquic

For pulp mills, boats and barges.

Combination packs

Popular assortment packs of our best-sellers.

Bits and accessories

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